Nevermind Solutions

Solves Your Toughest Challenges

We ensure that you build the right thing the first time. We use agile software development to deliver amazing products using the most modern technologies.

Our team helps you validate your vision and concepts and quickly build products that create great customer experiences.

We Are a Boutique That is a Real Partner

The Nevermind team is based in New York City has built some of the leading products that are used by millions of people every day. We only take on a few clients at a time and ensure that we spend the appropriate time up front getting to know our clients before engaging.

We have successfully delivered great products for Fortune 100 companies and small seed-stage startup companies. Ask us about some of our projects in the financial services, hospitality, recruiting, communications, and e-commerce industries.

Some Technologies We Use


iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter

Languages & Frameworks

NodeJS, Java, Closure, Scala, Python, Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS

Single Page Applications

React, Angular, Vue

Cloud Computing

AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Firebase, Heroku


MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Redis, Couchbase, Firestore

Email & Search Engines

Elastic, Algolia, Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mailchimp

We Often Use Flutter and Firebase


Flutter is a great mobile toolkit which allows us to build beautiful, natively compiled applications for iOS and Android from a single codebase. With Flutter, we can ship features quickly with a focus on native end-user experiences, with fast rendering and flexible designs.

Firebase allows us to build apps fast, without building and managing complex infrastructure. The technology is backed by Google, and trusted by top apps. With the Google infrastructure, product built on Firebase scale automatically, even the largest apps.

The Nevermind Incubator

The principals of Nevermind are entrepreneurs who have built some great businesses and companies. The spirit of innovation continues at Nevermind within the incubator.

We build new products and companies and often will partner with industry experts who have ideas on building new businesses. If you have deep domain expertise and want to partner with an incredible team to bring your idea to market, let us know.

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